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  1. Funny you brought up the “conspiracy against dollar coinage”…a judge ruled that US dollars must be identifiable to blind people and some people called for having one dollar bill taken off circulation and turn them into coins permanently.

    That’s a good idea, to me. Unfortunately, the government made a mistake when they issued those Susan B. Anthony dollar coins. They didn’t take the regular dollar bills off the circulation (that, and the size was too similar to quarters).

  2. Charles, I agree with you completely. I’ve bored everyone I know with my theories about dollar coinage. Here’s the short version:

    Companies don’t want to spend money changing vending machines and other automated change counting systems, so we’re stuck with crap that mimicks the Susan B. Anthony like the Sacagewa.

    This is what I think about at night to keep my mind off of less pleasant things.

  3. Theory # 2

    There are no dollar coins in the United States because they are all in Ecuador, which dollarized to save their economy from catastrophic inflation a few years back. The damn things are everywhere, I have 4 in my pocket right now. Ecuador uses all US bills (and the one dollar coin) but also mints it’s own 50,25,10,5, and 1 cent pieces,(but the penny is another issue entirely) which are identical in size to the US versions, with different pictures and the value written largely in numbers (if you’ll notice US coins only have their value printed out in english on them, so it was kind of difficult for spanish speakers to figure out in the first place)

    I actually had a ten minute argument with one of my friends from Maine who lives in Ecuador about whether or not the US had a 50 cent piece. I guess not everyone had a grandma who gave them uncommon but not valuable coinage with the likeness of JFK every birthday.

    I got kicked out of a restaurant here for trying to spend a $2 bill once, true story.

  4. At least you just got KICKED out. This is a true story: some guy tried to buy stuff in Best Buy with $2 bills and he got arrested, because the store clerk thought it was counterfeit.

  5. I remember some special when I was very young where Big Bird went to asia, and he seemed to be very condescending to the natives; talking to them like they were children.

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