7 thoughts on “The Joe Squad”

  1. Someone needs to animate this and turn it into a campaign commercial. There’s still time for the 2008 election.

  2. Well, shoo. Who doesn’t have a thing for an old fashioned bicycle? A nice masculine handlebar moustache (emphasis on the second syllable)wouldn’t hurt the democratic cause either, for that matter. Facial hair worked for Lincoln, it could work for Lieberman/ Biden too.

  3. Michele – I do. Especially in the three weeks since I learned they’re called penny-farthings. I also have a thing for the old-timey boxing stance.

    Rachel – Penny-farthings, handlebar moustaches; you should be my campaign manager should I ever run for something.

  4. I wonder what it would be like to ride a penney-farthing? I guess mountain biking would be out of the question.

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