The ’07 Red Sox

Hey Craig,
Should I be excited about this insanely hyped Japenese fellow, Matsuzaka, or should I save my money and go to one bajillion Brockton Rox games instead? This question’s open to anyone else who has opinion.

For the curious, right now I have a wait and see attitude, but am no longer willing to believe budgeting has any effect on Prince Theo’s reasoning. Johnny was small potatoes compared to this nutty deal that makes poor starving cartoonists cringe. And yes, this means no more complaints about Yankee spending, unless they pay for a time machine to bring back the players from when they were good. Zing!

I hope to be working on a home opener full pager. More details when normal people start talking about baseball.

2 thoughts on “The ’07 Red Sox”

  1. I’ve researched him quite a bit, even watched some video, and really it seems quite crazy. Granted the guy has great(great) stuff, lots of pitches, lots of movement, from lots of angles. From all the baseball I’ve watched over the years I can’t think of another pitcher whose mix of pitches looked as good. But…he didn’t hit spots, in fact he left a lot of breaking balls high. If he does that in Fenway… Looks like he gets ahead in the count with his excellent fastball(which he can rise, sink, fade, or cut), and then throws a lot of crap out of the strike zone hoping batters swing. A good strategy if you can nibble corners, but this guy is plain wild. Although his motion is so consistant(not mechanically, but every pitch out of his fingers looks like a 95MPH fastball) pitch to pitch, batters are frozen quite easily. The Japanese batters looked utterly confused at the plate, but I wouldn’t bet the same from AL hitters. He’s a thrower that has a very violent motion and abbreviates his follow through. Throw that in with the absurd number of innings the Japanese have had him pitch and I’d be willing to bet he’ll need major elbow, or shoulder surgery quite soon. But I guess from a monetary(ugh) point of view, Boston will probably get it’s own Japanese TV contract, merchandise sales and the such. For next year I predict he’ll be similar to Beckett last year. Great at times, bad at times, but mostly serviceable, with lots of walks, strikeouts, and HR’s.

    But $70 mill for JD Drew? Delusional is the only word. Damon’s looking like the bargain of the decade. You fat-cat Bostoners are making us look quit the spendthrift

  2. I agree with everything you said. The only advantage I can think of is an insane influx of Japanese advertising money.

    JD Drew is going to get booed.

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