Thanks Dan!

Last night in the midst of an all-nighter (Alt-weeklies have to go to press early because of next week’s holiday.) my friend Dan called me up. During our conversation, he insisted I check out Gogol Bordello, a band I’d heard of, but never actually listened to. Turns out I like them very much and their two albums gave me enough rocket sauce to power through the mind-numbing process of correcting all my squiggles in Photoshop well past my bedtime.

Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple

And from their new album Super Taranta!

Gogol Bordello – Supertheory of Supereverything

Hopefully they’ll swing by the sleepy backwater of Bostontowne sometime soon.

The Big Fat Sideshow

Many thanks to Masheka for suggesting something in the “half-man” vein. If he didn’t, that panel would’ve been “Miss Stinky: The woman who smells like cabbage no matter how hard she scrubs,” which was just a forced excuse to draw stink lines.

I can’t write much else. I’m busy getting two more comics done so I can go to the AAEC convention without shirking my cartooning duties. Speaking of which, there are two events related to the convention you should check out if you’re in the DC area next week:

Cartoonapalooza – Tuesday, July 3rd 6:30pm – $25 – Ted Rall, Tom Toles, Mike Luckovich, Mike Peters, Rob Rogers, Jack Ohman, Ruben Bolling, Ann Telnaes, Keith Knight, and Mark Fiore will all dazzle you with brilliance and punch you in the chuckle-gut with hilarity.

CWA Slideshow & Signing – Saturday, Jul 7th 2pm – Free! – See the giants of alt-weekly cartooning and the dirtbag who draws “Big Fat Whale.”

Next Week: Campaigning with the Stars*

MoCCA Recap

Mikhaela did it so I don’t have to. She also managed to photograph my rare psychological condition that causes me to make weird faces at cameras.

I will add that this year’s MoCCA finally convinced me to get my ass in gear and put another book together that you assholes won’t buy. (I make joke!)

It’s So Hot

I hate all of you who don’t live in the northeast. We get a brief window of comfort between months of bone-chilling cold and crotch-stinkifying humidity. In the spirit of hotness, here’s yet another Flight of the Conchords video, from their most recent episode.

Boom/She’s So Hot – Flight of the Conchords

Think I’m hyping them to death? I already lost Arrested Development. If another awesome show dies on my watch, I don’t want to be asking myself if I did all I could to promote it.

Not enough musical comedy for you? Then follow me to some highlights from Hard N’ Phirm. Continue reading It’s So Hot

“Especially Our Children”

I’ve offended some other guy who commented over at the Phoenix’s site.

You should be ashamed for putting something as atrocious and hate filled as this into the public arena. And the paper’s leadership should also be ashamed for allowing this to be printed. It’s not a matter of freedom of speech, it is a matter of decency and a moral standard that reflects a love and respect for our country and all of it’s people, especially our children. You need to reassess your attitude and character.

It’s entirely possible this is a parody more dead-on than cartoons by “Kelly;” the “especially our children” line is so hilarious that it makes me think it could be. But I like to think it’s some aging hippie who spends his free time slowing down Cambridge traffic with his recumbent.

I don’t know if they’ve gotten any angry letters about this cartoon, but if you’re glad the papers ran it, please send them a brief email and let them know.

I’ve Offended Some Guy!

I was going to wait until my return from MoCCA to post this, but I can’t sleep without sharing this with you. Matt, who’s no stranger to the comedic virtues of violence himself, alerted me to this post on some Time blog. AAN has a brief, yet somehow longer than the post its about, write-up as well.

I could go on and on about how I’m far more qualified to know what’s funny than that guy. (I own Comedy By the Numbers for one!) But it’s not worth it. No matter how right I am, humor is subjective, and some assholes just don’t know when they should be laughing.

As for the sickness of the cartoon, I think all but the dumbest of dummies can realize drawing bad things are not equivalent to actually making them happen in real life. And advocating torture, installing party loyalists at all levels of government, and being a pretty big douche, are all things Gonzales has done that I find far more objectionable than my admittedly violent cartoon. Plus Gonzales’ actions have real, tangible consequences, unlike my cartoons, which are forgotten just minutes after they are read. (I’ll take this back if Pelosi goes on a meat tenderizer rampage after seeing the cartoon.)

Lastly, that guy, let’s call him Cap’n Time, missed the point of the cartoon. It’s all about the Democrats’ ineffectiveness at ousting Gonzales. Hitting him in the head was just a Tom & Jerry punchline. I also wanted to inform my readers that there are two kinds of meat tenderizer, to prevent tragedies like this from happening in real life.

And for the record, Gonzales isn’t murdered, just injured. He gurgles in the last panel. Knowing not to make a diagnosis he’s unqualified for, Cartoon Harry Reid says “I’m pretty sure he’s dead.” not “I’ve seen the video, and he’s definitely not somebody in a persistent living state.”

Cleaning House with Harry & Nancy

That “Thwack!” panel could’ve turned out so much better if I wasn’t so lazy. More blood, more violence, and a much better swing for Pelosi all could’ve improved upon it. I don’t have much else to say about this cartoon except “Suck It America!” is a strong contender for the title of the next BFW collection.

BFW News: Visit me at MoCCA in New York this weekend. I promise cheap BFW merchandise and awkward conversation for all who stop by.

Next Week: The Big Fat Sideshow


I just walked by the Google Maps Street View car on Elm Street near the Porter Square Shaw’s. Sadly, I was carrying groceries and couldn’t do anything wacky. So now I’m going to camp out on my deck in the hopes it’ll drive down my street this afternoon.

Hey New York!

Mocca squareI’m going to be getting all up in your city this weekend. I’ll be sharing a last-minute table at MoCCA with Mikhaela, Masheka, and Ayo. Keith Knight will also be there, so if you can’t make it to DC, this is your only chance to see us in the next two weeks. Don’t miss out!

And while I’ve got your attention dear New Yorkers, go to this Planned Parenthood event at Think Coffee with Mikhaela, Jessica Valenti, and Amber Madison tomorrow night.

Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Yankees are now back to 10 games behind in a post directed at your fair metropolis. But fear not. A trip out west for the Red Sox could cut their lead all the way down to a piddling 7.