Campaigning with the Stars

I’m in DC. Here are some comics you assholes. Also, if you left a message on my phone, sorry I’m slow in getting back to you. I’m a giant, busy dick.

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3 thoughts on “Campaigning with the Stars”

  1. Too bad Air Bud is dead. I’m pretty sure that if he ran for president in 2000 and won, all those troops and Iraqis wouldn’t have died.

    Hmmm…maybe we SHOULD get non-human actors to run for president.

  2. I bought you a present!
    I think you may enjoy it.
    Let me know if you’re stoppin’ by this old area for sure sometime soon.

  3. Charles – Air Bud could have easily led us into a quagmire, but with his arsenal of sports skills, I’m confident he’d find a way to come out on top…WITH LAFFS!

    Rebecca – Oh my! The suspense!

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