L’Enfant Was a Dum-Dum

I’m glad to be back from DC. Somehow that town has managed to surpass Boston in all the wrong categories: summer heat and humidity, traffic, and public transportation (How do the car-less bring glass things home from the store?).

Other than that, it was fun. Really. It turns out a lot of cartoonists I’ve heard about really do exist. And they’re all far nicer than myself, Senor Grumpypants.

Many thanks to August and Matt for the accommodations. And also thanks to Warren for exposing me to the hilarity of the Presidents mascots at Nationals games. Go Teddy, go!

6 thoughts on “L’Enfant Was a Dum-Dum”

  1. Huh? You seemed friendly enough – thanks for stopping by after the signing to have drinks with the locals.

  2. Thank you all for your fine hospitality! I was referring to my grumpiness in the car/subway which only a few people had the misfortune of witnessing.

  3. This weather is total bullshit. I don’t know what asshole decided to call this place New England. I’m pretty sure Old England doesn’t have 1,000 degree heat with enough humidity to suffocate a donkey.

  4. I know what you mean. I thought I escaped the worst of it, but the humidity has been so bad my hair now makes me look like one of the Bradys when they went to Hawaii.

  5. Sorry to post this here, I was just reading your (excellent) comics and wanted to say that the World Bank and the WTO are NOT the same thing. You probably know already though. Probably didn’t get the joke.

    Anyhow i love the site, very fun stuff all around, keep it coming !

  6. You’re not missing a joke. I thought he was the head of the WTO until that comic went to press. I’m too lazy to edit the comic as its premise isn’t funny enough to begin with.

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