21 Cent Book Bin

This is the comic I rushed before heading out to DC last week. I don’t have anything to add except that I still have my copy of “Flat Stanley” and its accompanying audio cassette.

Crave more Lincoln jokes? Then check out this old grainy video from Bob, of “and David” fame.

Last week I noticed Charles started the Big Fat Whale page on Wikipedia. Feel free to expand on it my legion of compu-nerds.

Next Week: Goodish News from Iraq

7 thoughts on “21 Cent Book Bin”

  1. I must be getting popular in the cartooning community, with you referring to me just by my first name.

    Well, let me just say that I’m honored, and that I am one step behind in taking over the rest of the communities.

  2. Also, I think the Pep Boys SHOULD have weird rashes. It would get me a lot more interested in auto parts.

  3. Charles – You are the rock star of the online comics community. As your legend grows, tall tales are beginning to spread at comics conventions about you and your Comics Castle atop a mountain in Japan.

    Rebecca – Not even oozing lesions could get me interested in any auto part except Bumpernuts. Also, Matt Bors and I figured out that the Book Bin can continue at its current pace for another 40 years before I have to deal with the $1 Book Bin conundrum.

  4. Well, since I’ll be going to San Diego Comic Con (which is two weeks ahead), I guess I’ll have to answer questions.

    Anyone know where Ted Rall will be at the convention? He’s one of the cartoonists I’d like to meet.

  5. I’m not sure. There may be an ad hoc CWA booth, but I’m not privy to the specifics, being an East Coast Elitist and all.

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