Goodish News from Iraq

After I wrote the “good news pipe” line, I thought the rest of the comic would write itself. Sadly, that was not the case, and I had to hamfistedly come up with six more panels. Iraq is a stinky pile of poo that makes everyone with more than half a brain very sad.

Anyone who complains that support for the Iraq debacle is tanking because good news is going unreported is a dumb-shit piece of shit. That’s like the Red Sox fans who complain that their current swoon is caused by the CHB’s dour articles in The Globe.

Next Week: Something about laziness. I haven’t written it yet.

One thought on “Goodish News from Iraq”

  1. All apologies. I writ this here comment to come undone down below 5 weeks ago, the day I first set eyes on this prize. But my post was so long and it was so hot that day I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much. Of course no matter what it will be because I have fat lip so what the hell. Especially since no one has yet to comment here.

    Well, allow me to retort, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Syndrome, Sport. I’ve been trying to get ‘er did on a couple other days, but the lies for oil gets my blood boiling so I can’t see the war for the treaties and alliances broken.

    The latest is the greatest, a simply fantastic trip of the strip, your best since Valentine’s Day. I gave that to may people and put it up on my page.

    I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally get some good news from Iraq. I can’t tell you so I won’t. I’ll just go to sleep so much better now knowing the truth Baby Ruth is coming out at last.

    Hi, I’m Mike. But you can call me a Big Fat Whale head blowhole. Thewaymouth. From Weymouth.

    I am an ol’ faithful reader. Well, I have no faith in anything being an atheist scum, so let’s just say I loyally read you every week. This being in The Boston Phoenix, to which I’ve been a ho for lo over 30 years now. Really I am not a loyal ho but more of a pimp. I am a fan of the shit that hits. I just use for compost & post what I find useful. & your insights, delights & ugly sights entertain, amuse, provoke, incite, kick ass.

    Getting back to this particular strip, the following is from a blog I logged but was deleted at the LeAnn Rimes World forum. Today BTW, 8/31, I was permanently banned from there for posting a homemade LeAnn video by a fan in support of Air America. I had posted it in equal time since LeAnn will be performing next month in Jersey on the 6th anniversary of 9/11 was an inside job for wars of error on terror. & just who will she be singing for AND with? LR will be on stage with none other than traitor/boring old Ollie North AND Sean Inanity at 666 Flags Great Adventure to deep 6 the world. It’s all part of the Freedom to be free to be dumb Concert Series to drum up the dying support for the troops killing in the name of lies in blood for oil.

    Last time I checked LeAnn is an American. She supports American soldiers who’ve been wounded in war, a war in which they’ve lost limbs to protect freedom for their mouths to flap far & wide. Open. Thank Goddess LeAnn is benefiting the severely wounded and disabled because their numbers are piling up to the sky & will be 8 miles before it’s ever over, like that will ever happen. If we ever leave then they all died and were wounded for nothing. Mistakes cannot be corrected because the way into the abyss is one way & no turning back. There is no way out. Surrender to the truth is not an option.

    nothin better to do… everything kills, everything dies, everybody lies, everyone is shut up & shipped out in a body bag… we live as we dream. & scream. & die. alone.

    I passed this strip, Whale, around to friends. Tha good news has been at the top of my MySpace page since 7/21. Keep it up… beat. Yeah, right.

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