Brian Got a Boo-Boo

My Bike

After a couple weeks of being a shitty useless lump, I finally took the bike out to Borderland, my favorite place to ride in southeastern Massachusetts. I wasn’t in as bad shape as I thought I would be and was sailing along. Until a dick of a sapling slapped me in the face. I was on these elevated planks and it quickly threw me off balance.

Branch Small

The bike immediately fell of the planks, but thanks to momentum, I continued forward, sans bicycle. I escaped with just a minor cut and and some bruises that have yet to surface, but I fear my fork went kaput. A mile or so later it started making this horrendous clanging sound and oil started dribbling out of the stanchions.

I’m about to take it to the shop. Let’s hope Ol’ Bikey is fixable and I don’t need to buy a whole new fork.