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  1. McDonald’s still have poutine in Québec, but it ain’t what poutine is cracked up to be. And “Sacrebleu!” is from France. Try: ostie, tabarnak, calisse, sibouère or criss. It’ll be more convincing.

  2. I’m not surprised McDonald’s poutine is an abomination. But I will be surprised if these jokes are funny to any Americans who live more than a day’s drive from your adorable country.

    The only French Canadian phrase I really need to know is “Get out of the way slowpoke!” for when I go hiking up near the border.

    PS: Now that the dollars are at parity, those Canadian coins that sneak into my change bowl are no longer worthless.

  3. Hey Brian. I just picked up a copy of Phoenix in Boston, opened it up and couldn’t stop laffing. Canadian Invasion was too funny!! I am from Calgary, Canada and like your humour and style. I also lived in Montreal for 28 years (nope, don’t speak French nor do i want to). But that’s another story. Lot’s of weeklies up here all over Canada needing good material. Try sending your stuff along. Maybe the “Fast Forward” in Calgary. “Montreal Mirror” is another one (english paper)Good luck!!

  4. Thanks Derek. Do Canadian weeklies run other cartoons that frequently deal with American politics? I sent packets to some of them several years ago and never heard anything.

  5. Hi Brian. Yes, the weeklies up here deal with American politics, but seem to sway toward Canadian politics more so. It’s tough to break into weeklies up here; i tried as a cartoonist but it’s really tough. Not as open minded as Americans. You guys are visionaries and entrepreneurs; Canadians seem to be lost without you guys. Hate to say it but it’s true. If i want to pursue my dream of a comic strip or even an editorial, i’ll send my material to the U.S. Sad but true. Good luck in your emdeavours. Derek from Calgary (Cowtown).

  6. Oh fiddlesticks! I didn’t know that, but I’m glad I didn’t. Geddy Lee, as a name, not the person, makes a much better punchline than Neil Peart.

    Those of you with super-memory will know this is my second Geddy Lee joke.

  7. Rush was a great band. Other Canadian bands and musicians/singers of late are the Guess Who, BTO, Barenaked Ladies, Neil Young, Ann Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, The Band, April Wine, etc.

  8. Derek – I’d add The New Pornographers to your list. The only thing Barenaked Ladies did that I liked was some song about tolerance that aired during Saturday morning cartoons.

  9. Hi Brian. Derek here from The Great White North. Love your cartooning and sense of humour. I added the BNL only because i had heard one or two of their songs. Nothing spectactular. Let me think up some more Canadian bands.

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