Happy Birthday BFW!

Howdy gang. Big Fat Whale turned 6-years-old today. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to crank out a collected volume of cartoons in time for this milestone or SPX. I could’ve rushed and given you all a shitty half-assed abomination, or waited until winter forced me to stay indoors and sit on my pasty rump churning out an amazing collection worthy of your hard-earned smackaroons. I chose the latter. I ding-dong-guarantee you that a BFW book will exist well before MoCCA.

Speaking of SPX, thanks to everyone who stopped by the CWA table and said nice things about my work. You are very nice people. And an extra special thanks to my cartooning pals who tolerated Keef and I running off to watch the Sox stink up the ALCS.

In honor of this birthday, I’m selling original BFW art for just $75. Prices will go back up to $150 a week from now. So get it while the getting’s good.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BFW!”

  1. Thanks Charles. I hope you’re feeling better.

    Six years from now I will be in my mid-thirties. Hopefully with a head of crazy gray hair.

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