The Undead Aren’t Cool

This was going to be a snarky condemnation of Zombie Walks and zombies being the latest hipster meme. (monkeys, robots, pirates, etc. See David Malki’s cartoon about the phenomenon.) However, I realized that it doesn’t matter if bored twenty-somethings think zombies are ironically hilarious. I sincerely love the genre and couldn’t shit on it.

As a zombie enthusiast, the advantages of renewed interest in the genre far outweigh the embarrassing cons. There have been some great films and fun books in just this year alone. I’m looking forward to picking up World War Z this week. Astute readers will notice the survivor in this cartoon is heeding advice from Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide.

Pedants’ Corner: Yes nerds, I know the infected in 28 Weeks Later aren’t technically zombies.

BFW News: You have less than a week to buy original cartoon art for just half price: $75.

Next Week: More Campaign Non-Scandals