Not Seen on TV: Xmas Gift Edition

Amazingly, this cartoon was already in the papers before this post appeared on Cute Overload. I love googly eyes. I even put them on my shoes in high school.

I try not to do too many recurring bits in a row, but several early holiday deadlines might force my hand. We’ll shall see.

Next Week: Boost Your Confidence!

Get Gravel Outta There

I’m listening to the Democratic debate on NPR and every time Gravel chimes in, it’s as cringe-inducing as when your grandpa is at a restaurant babbling about how the peas are out to get him. Will I have more substantial political opinions before the caucus? Probably not. I have shit to buy and things to draw. Also, too much politics combined with the bleak New England winter weather will give me a frown no clown can turn upside down.