Check Out My Economic Stimulus Package!

I might still be battling that flu bug, or perhaps it’s an entirely different illness that has decided to have a party in my throat. Whatever it is, it’s hard to be funny when your uvula feels like it’s made out of a Nerf ball covered in cat hair.

This cartoon only marginally deals with our current economic downturn. I just needed to meet my yearly top hat and monocle quota. But I think we’d all be more convinced that everything was coming up roses if Bernanke showed up to hearings dressed like that.

Next Week: Westminster Democratic Candidate Show



Me and my crazy hair went to the Museum of Science last weekend. I was briefly, and only briefly, so enthralled with the science that I wondered what I’d be up to if I stuck with engineering. Most likely, I would be in an institution after some sort of CAD-related breakdown.

I Support Barack Obama

Just so you know. Hillary’s capable, but a lot of Democratic and Independent voters I know have tuned out because of the stupid shit her campaign has pulled.

As for experience, really? I’ve got a nutty turd that can do more to improve our foreign policy than our most tenured senator. Politicking is not rocket science. There’s a reason why poli-sci is a major for stoners and deadbeats.

Obama ’08! or anyone but McCain. Whatevs!

Briadamus May Be On a Roll

There’s been buzz about this all week, but I didn’t want to mention it for fear the talks would once again collapse. Apparently a deal has been struck between the WGA and the AMPTP. I haven’t read the tentative contract yet (It’s Saturday. Even I’m not that much of a TV wonk.), but this is the second of my cartoon visions to become a reality in 2008.

If things continue to move forward, season 4 of Lost will continue with only a brief hiatus after episode 8, allowing us all to play with Ben’s man in the boat through June.

The New and Improved

I finally got around to updating my website, about three years later than I should have. Hopefully there aren’t too many bugs, but if you find any, let me know either in an email or in the comments. Make sure to clear your cache first. There might be a few odd nuggets from the old design still stuck in yours mucking things up.

Hopefully the ads aren’t too intrusive on the comics pages and will provide some much needed revenue. It’s a great problem to have, but all the extra bandwidth this site has required recently doesn’t come for free.

And yeah, I know a lot of Ann Coulter/right wing ads are popping up on the site. Take comfort in knowing that every time one of those ads is clicked, I get money, presumably from whoever paid for them.

This is just Phase 1 of Operation Get Shit Done. I’m still a very busy little beaver, but at least I can check one thing off my list. Hopefully I’ll be done by spring so I can enjoy the great outdoors once it thaws. If it ever does. This has been one cold, snowy muthafuckin’ winter.