Brian on the Aisle

After watching them twice, I still can’t decide which was the best movie of 2007. I have no qualms about No Country for Old Men winning Best Picture. But There Will Be Blood was equally awesome, and much less reliant on multiple performances. I can’t decide if that’s a plus or a minus. No Country‘s last half hour was its weakest and Blood‘s was its finest, so that could be skewing my perceptions of the films.

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of apologizing to everyone near and dear to me for my talking like Daniel Plainview for the past two months. (FYI: I give the “I am the third revelation!” speech after every fruitful bowel movement.)

Spooky Science Theatre

My apologies to most of you, but it’s been a while since I’ve pandered to my nerd base. Bose-Einstein condensates have fascinated me ever since that Nova special about absolute zero aired a couple months ago. Some guys like car chases, others like a couple thousand atoms chilled to near 0 degrees Kelvin. That’s just how I roll.

If Spooky Science Theatre was ever realized as a live-action thing, it would be kind of like Rob Schrab‘s Thriller Chiller Theatre. For you Cookie Party fans, I believe this was Mini Coffee’s first gig.

Next Week: Budget Spring Break Destinations

Hello Friends

No posts for a while. I’m busy catching up on that “The Wire” show y’all been talking about. Believe it or not, it’s making me nostalgic for Bawlmer. Or maybe freezing my ass off in New England is making the memories of drinking cold Natty Bohs while sitting on a hot, sweaty stoop seem more appealing than it really is. Also, the quiet popping of guns in the distance is way better than the “yeah dudes” from all my college douchebag neighbors.

Westminster Democratic Candidate Show

Before any dingbats start scribbling angry emails to send my way, let me point out the obvious: I’m not calling Hillary a bitch. Tim Russert is. He is a giant-headed moron. However, I by no means think the word bitch is off-limits. It is just the feminine version of dick, a word I use with much greater frequency. If you prefer the language of the Osmonds, how the fuck did you end up reading my comic strip?

Next Week: Spooky Science Theatre