Will Oldham: The Shit, or Just an Awesome Dude?

Moving and these lazy summer days have rendered my blog-testicles impotent of blurb-sperm. So here are some Will Oldham clips I enjoy:

Easy Does It

Cold & Wet

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ w/ Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham directed by Michael Blieden

I tried to embed a clip of Will Oldham as Pastor Pigmeat in “Horse Apples,” but Viacom is a buncha dicks. That clip could’ve sold a DVD or two of Wonder Showzen, but their unusable embedding code prevented me from doing that. In that spirit, search for a torrent of the Mathematics episode of Wonder Showzen instead. A link to the full episode in super-shitty quality can be found here.

The “Horse Apples” episode of Wonder Showzen is a source of much conflict between me and my friends. They can’t stand it; yet I love it. I rewatch it all the time, and force everyone who sits in front of my TV (or computers) to eventually succumb to its genius. That episode summarized our terrible decade in 22 painfully hilarious basic cable minutes. Wonder Sowzen never had the Smothers Brothers’ numbers, but it deserved to. As a critique of the media and its audience, “Horse Apples” clips will be preserved forever in all the future documentaries that try to explain what the fuck was up with us turn-of-the-century douchebags.

But I’m not such a Grumpy Gus that I’d end on that sour note, so here’s a squirrel frolicking to a Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy song:

Just to See My Holly Home

Accent? What Accent?

Hey you assholes! I’m still unpacking and thinking up a cartoon, but I thought I’d let you know you can now listen to Phill Jupitus’ BBC Radio 4 show about comics whenever you like. Now the foul language I spewed all over the British Isles is preserved for all eternity.

Apparently my swearing was allowed to air because of my accent. From the producer of the program:

I had to get that swear word signed off from the powers that are on
high!  We got away with it because of your accent I think - priddy

I guess it’s similar to how arse and shite are allowed on PBS when they run stuff from the UK.

You can find the audio embedded on this page. The bit with Jen, Mikhaela, Masheka, and myself starts around the 20 minute mark.

After listening to this program, it’s pretty obvious that I still overcompensate for my Boston accent. I tried to drop it in college because it was a source of much amusement for my peers. But now I add the letter “r” into places where it doesn’t even belong. Acknowledging this is the first step towards me becoming non-rhotic and proud.

Cavalcade of Fart Jokes

click for comic

When someone is unfamiliar with my comic strip and asks what it’s about, I tell them that it’s a series of illustrated fart jokes. It makes me sound more fun than a dude who bitches and moans all the goddamn time. Also because I don’t like getting dragged into political discussions. That shit is boring:

Blah, blah, my opinions! I don’t like certain aspects of our government! Let’s uncomfortably disagree about things!

No thanks to that.

Next Week: Rejected McCain Running Mates