Wanna Be In PA

Eagles of Death Metal – Wanna Be In LA

PA, LA, it’s all the same. Both are somewhere “out west” to me. I’m off to the land of Yuengling for a couple of weeks, with a brief stop in Baltimore to get my Natty Boh on.

Unless one of those famous bitter Pennsylvanians accidentally shoots me while clinging to a gun, you probably won’t even notice I’m away. Updates and stupid blog posts like this one will continue as usual. The only setback is that I won’t be able to mail out any orders until I get back. But everyone’s poor and not buying stuff anyway.

Baracktion Comics Presents

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These would also qualify as more Conservative Horror Comics. Can you believe I was worried that the Palin joke would be outdated by the time I posted this? That crazy lady is never going away. Fox News better have a Sarah Palin Christmas Special in the works. I need to know how to make some Moosenog.

Next Week: Classic Thanksgiving TV Specials

Take a Break, for Safety’s Sake

The Obama transition team is even tighter lipped than the campaign was. That is a good thing. Almost everything you’re hearing now are trial balloons or pure, unsubstantiated speculation. I’ve never done it, but I assume building an administration takes longer than a week. So until real news starts to come out, why not catch up on your Netflix DVDs, read some books, and tend to your woefully neglected social life? It’s a much more pleasant option than freaking out over whatever tiny scraps of news they decide to throw at Candy Crowley’s stupid, dumb face.

23 Cent Book Bin

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We cartoonists are presented with a dilemma every election year. Cartoons that come out after the election are due before it. I got cocky in 2004, and despite all the evidence that Obama would win handily, I didn’t want to risk adding extra poo to the shit sandwich we’d all be eating if McCain-Palin won. Many others had some balls and didn’t hedge their bets. For that, I salute their large and prescient cajones.

Next Week: Baracktion Comics Presents

So Long, Orel!

It’s a shame Moral Orel‘s ten weekly minutes of stop-motion hilarity was eating into so much valuable dumbshit random stoner comedy that it was canceled. My only comfort is that Dino didn’t have to worry about ratings while making this final season so he can take Orel’s odyssey into some truly freaky territory.

Confidential to Television Executives: Is there anything I like you won’t fuck up? Don’t say The Office either. All that cutesy Jim and Pam shit belongs in an airport novel, not on my comedy stories.