Last Day to Buy BFW Books Cheap

Sometime tomorrow, after I shake off the New Year’s hangover and remove the noisemakers and bottle caps stuck in my beard, I will be updating this website and officially ending the BFW Holiday Bargain.

And as 2010 rears its head like Putin over Alaska and the International Date Line, I’d like to thank everyone who bought Fun Stuff or donated in 2009. Newspaper page counts were way down this year, and you all helped turn a shit sandwich into a peanut butter & jelly one. Next year, let’s aim for bumping it up all the way to roast beef!

Posting and other internet-based tomfoolery will return to their normal levels next week.

Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts
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If you’re like me and haven’t done any gift buying or making yet, maybe one of these will inspire you. Or not, and you’ll disappoint your friends and family yet again.

Although the Christmas shipping deadline for the Holiday Bargain has passed, the special pricing will remain in effect through the end of the month.

Next Week: 2010 Headline Wishlist

Shipping Deadline Approacheth

I’m finally back home and settling in. While I’m catching up on emails and RSS feeds, here’s a reminder that I can only guarantee delivery before Christmas for orders placed by the end of Monday, the 14th. It’s too late to guarantee international orders, but they might get to you in time if you’re quick. Visit the BFW store right now if you’re a shopping procrastinator like myself.

The Holiday Bargain is still going on, and will continue until the end of the month. Or more accurately, it will be in effect until I recover from my New Year’s Eve hangover and update the website sometime in the afternoon on January 1, 2010.

Atheist Holiday Traditions

Atheist Holiday Traditions
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This cartoon is more about including atheists in the winter holiday festivities than taking the piss out of Christians like I did in 2007. But you can include this in your War on Christmas lists and pass it around too. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in pageviews.

In the end, it’s a holiday for children. Any adult who takes it seriously, whether as something to be revered or reviled is a dummy.

Don’t forget to buy your BFW books before the holiday sale ends! I’ll post one last reminder before holiday delivery becomes impossible.

Next Week: Last Minute Gifts

25 Cent Book Bin

25 Cent Book Bin
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Another extended road trip means another Book Bin pulled out of the recurring bits file. I repeated a joke from the 24 Cent Book Bin because I lacked internet access to double check myself. As long as publishers continue to throw book deals at yesterday’s internet news, I will keep getting mad about it. However, I promise to refrain from making the same point (and drawing the same goddamned picture) in the 26 Cent Book Bin, scheduled for sometime in mid 2010.

Speaking of books, the Big Fat Whale Holiday Bargain is still going on. Order now to guarantee delivery by the holidays!

Next Week: Atheist Holiday Traditions

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Week

Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the BFW Quickies while I’m on this Mid-Atlantic trip. Packing, unpacking, and cursing at the dumb, bossy lady who lives inside of my GPS has seriously hampered my production schedule.

But with the help of a six-year-old fan of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I was able to whip this up on Friday:


I would’ve added a fart cloud enveloping Endor and gassing the Ewoks to death, but everyone knows Han farted first.

Stimulus II: The Restimulating

Stimulus II
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Nobody listens to Krugman. He needs to be appointed the Pope of the Treasury if we’re ever going to get out of this economic shit-pickle. These ideas are goofs, but the first stimulus only slowed down the freefall. (Think of it as giving Hammer Pants to a dude who fell out of a plane instead of a parachute.)

The same folks who claim government spending doesn’t create jobs are the same ones who bitch and moan when a military base is threatened with closure. For the Republicans and Blue Dogs who stifled the first stimulus, spending only counts when it’s on bailouts or bombs.

Speaking of the super-shitty economy, did you know about the Big Fat Whale Holiday Bargain?

Even though I’m in Philly and heading to other parts of the Mid-Atlantic for the next month, I brought a ton of books with me and I’m mailing out orders as soon as they come in. This offer will shit the bed before the new year, so order now to guarantee delivery by the holidays.

Next Week: Even More Recession Recipes