Internet Anti-Memes & Non-Sensations

Internet Anti-Memes & Non-Sensations
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The Prius nipples should’ve gone on the headlights, but that would violate safety regulations.

For your viewing pleasure, I put together some ERUDITE FERRET MACROS. (They are not to be confused with LOL Ferrets, who have a limited grasp of English and the world around them.)

If anyone wants to create the STD Tracker App, go right ahead. Then you can give Big Fat Whale the clap.

Next Week: Obama’s Mad Science

14 thoughts on “Internet Anti-Memes & Non-Sensations”

  1. Thanks Amanda and Bunk.

    Eric – Reading programs might knick The Literate Ass from you. Trademark that shit!

    Melissa – I get 1,660 for the singular (of which I’m not even the first result) and 110 for the plural which puts me first.

    Matt – I’ll be making a new design(s) this year, and it might make the cut. It’s common knowledge that nerds don’t know how to dress and will gladly let an unkempt cartoonist style them.

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