Big Fat Whale at the Burren

at the Burren

The Boston area Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums event will be held on Saturday, August 29th, from 4 to 7pm at The Burren in Davis Square. It’ll be in the Back Room, which, as the name implies, is behind the front room.

The event is totally free, with a cash bar. I’m planning on starting the slideshow around 5 o’clock, and signing books before and after it.

If you’ll be attending, please let me know. I need a rough count so I can plan accordingly. You can also leave a comment on this blog post or RSVP via Facebook.

If you want to help promote the event, here’s a flyer you can print out and put up at work, your laundromat, or your dorm.

In addition to drinking, slideshowing, answering your questions, and selling & signing your books, I might raffle off some original Big Fat Whale art. All proceeds would go to the “Holy Shit! Brian’s About to Turn 30!” Fund.

Would you be interested in that? Or have other suggestions? Now is the time to make this thing AWESOME.

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