When in Fenway…

Tuesday night, Phill Jupitus took me along on his annual Fenway Hajj. I can’t thank him enough for letting me park my broke-ass in the front row of the Green Monster with him. It’s a rarity for me to even see the games in HD. (I usually tune into the radio broadcasts on a clock radio.)

I was squarely in Dan Tobin’s camp when it comes to the 8th Inning Anthem, but there is no denying what I have done:

You can see the look of terror as I realize I’m about to sing The Song That Makes No Fucking Sense at a Baseball Game. But then I just went with it, and it was fun.

Unless I find myself spontaneously singing Living on a Prayer at some dive in Revere, I don’t think I’m at risk of becoming a Pink Hat.

If you’re not familiar with Phill’s work, I highly recommend the Perfect Ten podcast. And if you’re into that sport fer’ners enjoy so much, there’s this. Listing all of his other awesome projects would require far more computing power than I have access to.

6 thoughts on “When in Fenway…”

  1. Are you saying you don’t want to hear my band playing “Living On A Prayer” at some dive in Providence? I have a *talk box* for that song!

  2. Tim – Since you’re too modest to plug, allow me. Hearing it is not shameful at all, especially when a talk box is involved. I can’t make it Saturday, but hope to get down there soon, and reunite you with your raincoat; which I’ve kidnapped, kept in a shed, and fathered two children with. PS Happy belated nuptials!

    Chris – I deserve that, but what if I make the comic available in beach ball form?

  3. As a Brit, I’m astonished to see one of our funnymen appear out of nowhere on your blog. Hell, I didn’t even know he was on your side of the pond, let alone baseball aficionado. Enjoy Phill!

  4. Dan – Phill was keeping score the whole game, so that should also help maintain our cred.

    Earle – He’s back in Britain now, but managed to head up to Boston to catch the Sox after a week of shows in NYC.

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