Bread Town

Bread Town
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This was inspired in part by Domino’s Bread Bowl Pastas, one of the more recent disgusting developments in food-science gone horribly wrong. I originally wanted to link right to Domino’s menu, but somehow added one of those monstrosities to a shopping cart. Fearing one could be delivered to my home at any moment, I deleted the cookies, closed the browser, and vowed to never return to their slice (Get it? Of course you do, College.) of the web.

The only thing you should eat out of a bread bowl is a nice soup, preferably a chowder or a bisque. Anything else is gross, or as Breadgiver once decreed “Eater shall not eat bread bowls, unless it is to sop up the juices.”

NEVER FORGET: 8 years ago, buying shit was our patriotic duty. After you’re done reliving that awful day, take a moment to buy Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums. For America.

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13 thoughts on “Bread Town”

  1. Hahaha, true. Bread pasta bowls? So disgusting. Pizza Slut’s extra cheese ring around the crust and Poopa John’s cinnamon pizza thingy are equally nasty.

  2. Papa John’s is the worst. Their greasy boxes and sticky butter-dunking tubs littered the hallways of my dorm freshman year.

    Papa Gino’s however, ain’t that bad for a chain.

  3. Just asking (No, I’m not a stalker), is it possible to buy “Fun stuff” any other way than pay-pal?

  4. Leaving comments on the blog isn’t stalking unless you write them in lipstick on my own computer screen while I have the blog open.

    Yeah, there are other options, though they’re far less profitable for me.

    There’s Amazon, though I’m not sure if it’s available in the UK.

    But it’s definitely available there through Lulu.

  5. Jon – It has been awhile since I stuck myself in one.

    Chris – No need for ethics! You don’t need a paypal account, they can process credit/debit cards without having an account.

  6. i was into some kinky bread action for a while, but i’ve cleaned up my act. a bad case of penis mold made me wary.

  7. MBSS – Penis mold is FINE! You just have to rip off the affected parts.

    Krepta – Have you looked into erotic baking? I’m sure it’s recession proof.

    Blake – Hell’s yeah! Although I’m too proud to use it on Twitter or Facebook. I’ve got random-ass relatives and spam-followers to consider.

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