Kennedy’s Seat

Kennedy's Seat
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Now that Stephen Lynch has dropped his sorry ass out of the race for Kennedy’s seat, I don’t really have much of an opinion on who should get it. I’m leaning towards my current rep, Mike Capuano, but Martha Coakley isn’t that bad, despite her recent support of Boss Menino.

I’m all for Massachusetts changing the law they enacted to keep Mitt and his magic underpants from sending a Republican to the Senate. The fact that we only have one Senator (which has been the case for almost a year), while states like Wyoming and the Dakotas have two, is a ridiculous lack of representation. The makeup of the Senate is inherently disproportionate to the citizenry, and we shouldn’t allow it to be even worse.

I think Dukakis would be an excellent interim Senator. He is an inspiration to myself and every other short Bay Stater with crazy eyebrows. I will also accept the appointment of Jon Lovitz playing Dukakis.

Here’s a joke I didn’t include in this comic because I thought it was too mean and I ran out of room anyway: Kennedy’s Vacant Seat is not without scandal. In the early nineties, he left the scene of an accident which left Chairy from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse dead.

Here’s a funny bit in The Onion about Kennedy’s seat.

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