3 thoughts on “Failed Fall Pilots”

  1. Hey, could be worse. Over here all our pilot shows are either:

    1. YOOF (youth) oriented sketch/semi-porn shows, or:
    2. “Grittily realistic” cop/prostitute shows involving depressed-looking people wandering around Manchester moaning about ex-wives etc.

    I’d PAY to watch a cop show with Frankenstein… only if the other cop was Ving Rhames

  2. I think the USA is doomed to having the worst TV ever until everyone in China gets a TV set. Right now we’ve got the largest, the dumbest, and the shittiest TV audience in the world. AND our shows’ seasons/series last for 22 episodes of suck.

    But, judging by Gordon Ramsay’s growing influence over here, you might be right about the UK.

  3. The irony with Ramsay is that he doesn’t actually seem to do any cooking any more. With our current obesity/health and safety problems, cooking shows gravitate around the “yuck ‘n’ yell” factor (Gordon Ramsey wandering around burger vans berating the owners) and the “health” factor (Jamie Oliver, famed semi-Londoner, telling fat people to put down the breaded turkey and eat bananas).

    We haven’t had a decent show since Lead Balloon came out. And everytime we do get a good one it only lasts 2 seasons (“Stressed Eric” being a fantastic example)
    And I used to think there was hope for American TV, but the live-action comedies all sound the same and ALWAYS revolve around a stereotype of some kind (Gays, nerds, etc) and the cartoons and animations all sound likeFamily Guy/South park rip offs.

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