Tuesday Tablet Toon

Erotic Pasta

I haven’t given up on this folly yet. I’m still not great at lettering and speech bubble drawing with the tablet, so hopefully this weekly exercise will force me to keep practicing.

Erotic pasta is real. You can eat it out of a bread bowl if you really want to gross me out.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tablet Toon”

  1. mir – Coulter and Newt show up here ALL the time. Whoever is doing their ad placement sucks at their job.

    ThickMick – Thanks! I’m still just dipping my toes into it, but it’s already sped up my long-ass routine.

    PS I split the difference and had 5 beers. It’s only Tuesday, afterall.

    Sabrina – Good point. The current erotic pasta paradigm is primary sexual characteristic apples to secondary sexual characteristic oranges. Why isn’t Gloria Steinem already on this injustice?!

    Also, “Where are the Cunt Noodles?” is begging to become a parody of “Who Stole the Kishka?”


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