Atheist Holiday Traditions

Atheist Holiday Traditions
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This cartoon is more about including atheists in the winter holiday festivities than taking the piss out of Christians like I did in 2007. But you can include this in your War on Christmas lists and pass it around too. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in pageviews.

In the end, it’s a holiday for children. Any adult who takes it seriously, whether as something to be revered or reviled is a dummy.

Don’t forget to buy your BFW books before the holiday sale ends! I’ll post one last reminder before holiday delivery becomes impossible.

Next Week: Last Minute Gifts

5 thoughts on “Atheist Holiday Traditions”

  1. I think there might actually be substantial online markets for both atheist holiday wreaths and Darwin Gingerbread cookie molds. You should’ve tried to trademark those before posting this weeks comic.

  2. How about a tie depicting Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens having a sword fight? (The gross kind, of course)

  3. Gabe – I suppose I should set up a BFW Etsy page for all the novelty items I make up, and make them real once orders come in. And judging by comments I’ve seen around the web, demand for the Nietzsche sweater is quite high too.

    ZackBauer – That’s an Atheist slashfic tradition.

    Warren – You can make your own by eating the hat off Santa cookies, and filling in the bite with frosting.

    Jerry – Thanks!

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