NASA being underfunded is a damn shame. The public is too dumb to find any value in the stuff they do, so their budgets get cut while the Pentagon gets to spend trillions on bombing people and boring-ass places on Earth. Near Earth Orbit will have to be turned into a NASCAR track before enough people give a shit.

And yeah, there are other worthy things the money being pissed away by the Defense Department can be spent on, but none of them produce spectacular wallpapers for my desktop.

UPDATE: Morning Edition on NPR covers NASA’s financial pickle.

7 thoughts on “Space-Guys…”

  1. you are such a good friend to NASA. I am currently listening to an NPR report on this very subject. man such a bummer….

  2. Solution: Declare war on martians. The public will support the war, NASA gets space funding, and the Pentagon get to blow shit up. Everyone’s happy

  3. Melissa – It’s from all the Astronaut Ice Cream I ate at the Museum of Science when I was a kid.

    Chuck – Billy Bragg has been one of my pop culture blindspots for years. I need to fix that post haste.

    Chris – I was trying to do a full size BFW cartoon along that same train of thought, but it got way too preachy and heavy-handed. And Avatar already covered that territory. (So I’ve heard. I’m not watching it unless I get sick and it’s on cable.)

  4. Speaking of avatar, James Cameron pisses me off. He’s all style, no substance. He needs about £500bn to make a good movie, ’cause he always has to have fantastic visuals to mask his lack of creative integrity.

    That said, Terminator was amazing

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