KFC’s UK Crimes

They don’t have the Double Down here, but I’ve seen countless ads for this monstrosity:

So many shapes and colors (and tastes, presumably) that don’t appear in nature. But the real crime here is the terrible copy. Why the pun? Are fajitas associated with hip hop culture over here, or with go-go girls? I’m so confused.

There are also lots of Pizza Huts and McDonalds in central London, which we probably sent over in retaliation for their burning of the White House in the War of 1812.

Great Moments in Commencement Speeches

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Next year’s graduating college class was born in the nineties. I’m an old fart.

I’m off for vacation tomorrow, but I’ll try to blog while I’m away. I’m bringing the tablet along in case I get the sudden urge to draw a dick or fart cloud for you people.

Next Week: 26 Cent Book Bin

Public Disservice Announcements

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I did something similar two years ago. If you’re curious, I usually go to the recurring bit well to get a couple weeks ahead in my cartooning schedule so I can go on vacation.

Unless that Icelandic volcano stops me, I’ll be in London in a week. I’ve already received lots of excellent recommendations for things I should do and see and drink. But I have one more request: What record shops/thrift stores should I hit up to snag some vintage limey vinyl?

To unify that request with this week’s cartoon, here’s a funny old British PSA I found while researching the comic:

Don’t let strangers in your house unless you want your candlesticks to go up their butts!

And yeah, my Orson came out looking a lot like a drunk Mel Gibson. Sorry, sugartits!

Next Week: Great Moments in Commencement Speeches