Back in the Colonies

I’m back from Old England and home in New England. I had a wonderful time thanks to everyone who recommended things we should do. With your help, I was able to drink my weight in cask ales and eat enough meat pies to sop it all up.

We had a blast hanging with Nick, James, and Rob in Camden and Shoreditch. And my ass was literally blasted by the curry on Brick Lane.

And an extra special thanks to Phill Jupitus and the entire Jupitus clan for their seaside hospitality. Their local chippy puts every restaurant on the Cape to shame. I urge all of my fellow Americans to petition BBC America to show some Never Mind the Buzzcocks and QI instead of its endless Top Gear marathons.

Not sure when or how, but I’ll return. A comic convention or King Ralph-type scenario are probably the most likely options.

10 thoughts on “Back in the Colonies”

  1. Crikey guv’nor, wot wot, I ain’t ‘ad no flamin’ clue you was in old camden towne wot wot, ‘ope you enjoyed the faggots and mushy peas, why today sir, today is christmas day….

    Glad you enjoyed our country. It’s going downhill for the next five years, and probably even longer than that, so you came at the right time!

  2. Melissa – I’m also gonna check their beer inventory.

    Plato Shrimp – It’s the beard. It’s masking several chins.

    eetmee – I think McCain’s web person is a sixty year old dude who just bought ads based on the keywords “country” and “politics.”

    Chris – We’ll race ya to the bottom of that shitty conservative hill!

  3. Brian and readers,
    You may not buy nor consume that sauce any more sorry. It’s no longer British (owned by Hienz and made in the Netherlands) and the sale of the company put good Bitish folks out of work (and no Daddies sauce either for the same reason).

  4. Ouch, and on top of the humiliation of Kraft buying Cadbury. Maybe you guys can make the mayonnaise the Dutch put on their fries.

    Tom Friedman should write a naive column about globalization’s impact on condiments, and how said condiments get stuck in that fucking mustache.

  5. Grim. But if we were to buyy every product based on nationality and how many people were put out of work when it changed, then we’d die. Thanks to a certain Grocer’s daughter from Grantham, may she die horribly

  6. Love QI and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but have only seen them in grainy internet video style. Hopefully BBC America will actually bring witty intelligent stuff to screen. I’m with you that they don’t really need another rerun of Top Gear, or Star Trek (IMHO, WTF!)

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