How to Beat the Heat

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Of course the day I post this is the first one in weeks where it’s pleasant and not humid.

And yeah, one heat have, even one that seemingly lasts for months, is not evidence of climate change. It’s the frequency and severity over years that determines that, along with the sweatiness of my ass.

Next Week: Anti-Immigrant Stupor

Live From JP!

The fire sped up and complicated the move we had planned for August 1st, which is why the lights have been out here at BFW for the past few weeks. We’re finally settled in at our new digs in Jamaica Plain, and I’m cranking out work and shipping merch that was ordered during the move. Check back tomorrow for a brand new cartoon!

I’m going to miss Davis Square and its abundance of burritos, but JP has been my second home for nearly three years, and in my opinion, it’s Boston’s best neighborhood, in spite of its flammability.

Clothing Drive

My girlfriend’s roommate and my friend Eli had the misfortune of that awful fire destroying all of his belongings, save for his cat Bandit, a soggy photo album, and this artfully charred t-shirt. He didn’t have renter’s insurance, so he’s literally left with only the shirt on his back.

If you’ve got something in his size you can spare, particularly business attire, let me know and I’ll send you the shipping details. His sizes are:

Pants – 36×30
Suit – 42R
Shirts – XL
Dress Shirts – 17 34/35
Shoes 10 – 10 1/2 (depending on the brand)

If you’re in or near JP or Davis Square, I can probably manage to pick stuff up and save you some shipping.

Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to get back to goofing on teabaggers and Al Gore’s wang shortly!


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I whipped this up as soon as I got back from visiting family in Pennsylvania. There were so many billboards for Coors Light’s gimmicky cold indicating bullshit that I had to do a cartoon about it, even though David Cross covers the same territory on his latest album, Bigger and Blackerer.

Obviously with the fire stuff that happened since I drew this, I haven’t been able to think funny thoughts. Hopefully I can whip something up for next week, but don’t get mad if I end up running my first repeat in over two years.

UPDATE: FOUND Cat, Jamaica Plain

Have you seen me?

UPDATE Wednesday, July 14th: We went back to the place today to try and salvage a few more things and Nico was there ALIVE! She was probably hiding in a box-spring yesterday. The vet gave her a clean bill of health and her appetite is huge. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips and well-wishes.

There was a huge, four-alarm fire at my girlfriend’s apartment today. All of the tenants are fine, and three four cats were reunited with their owners.

Unfortunately, one cat died and another is still missing. If you live in Jamaica Plain near South Street and Boynton, keep an eye out for Nico. Her best bud Olive got out with minor burns, so we’re hoping Nico’s out there on the not-so-mean streets of JP.

Shoot me an email if you’ve seen her!