Live From JP!

The fire sped up and complicated the move we had planned for August 1st, which is why the lights have been out here at BFW for the past few weeks. We’re finally settled in at our new digs in Jamaica Plain, and I’m cranking out work and shipping merch that was ordered during the move. Check back tomorrow for a brand new cartoon!

I’m going to miss Davis Square and its abundance of burritos, but JP has been my second home for nearly three years, and in my opinion, it’s Boston’s best neighborhood, in spite of its flammability.

3 thoughts on “Live From JP!”

  1. Dude, I’ve been out of the loop and didn’t realize the craziness that you went through! Damn! If you need help with anything, give a shout—I’m in the South End.

    And, to be a typical Mick, let’s talk bars!
    Have you been to Doyle’s yet?

  2. Thanks John! We’re pretty much set, just twiddling our thumbs while my girlfriend’s renter’s insurance takes its sweet-ass time. But her other roommates might be needing things after they find new digs. I’ll be sure to post when/if they do.

    I’ve been to Doyle’s many times; it was just a tipsy walk from the gf’s old (burnt) place. But as far as South Jamaica Plain is concerned, I’ll always have a soft spot for James’s Gate. I spent many drunken evenings there and they took great care of us the day of the fire.

    Now we’re up in Hyde Square, a stone’s throw from the Behan. We should grab a pint there sometime soon!

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