27 Cent Book Bin

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It’s another Book Bin, for those of you who are into that sort of thing. This cartoon was drawn in an Allentown Panera, mere inches away from a depressing series of call center job interviews. Apparently the AARP has to contract out some work to answer old people’s questions about how the midterm results will affect their lives. For $10 an hour, people can tell the olds that they’re shit out of luck.

I’m writing this from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It’s no wonder the state is the leading producer (Per capita, at least. California is probably tops in terms of gross {PUN INTENDED, MUTHAFUCKAS!} numbers.) of human garbage. It’s the only state where you can go to a Chick-Fil-A and see more gaudy handbags than creepy Christian evangelizing.

Back to the Lehigh Valley tonight to see Bob Dylan. FYI: I have tickets to a show, we are not friends.

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Class Warfare Combat Guide

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The Republicans won control of the House because Democrats didn’t do enough to help the economy. The compromised health care bill and weak sauce stimulus were half-measures at best, only slowing the rate at which the economy is turning into shit. And when people don’t have any money, they get pissed. Mostly at things that have little to do with their problems, because most people, rich and poor, are stupid fucks.

Until the Democrats become a truly populist party, fighting corporate interests and greedy fucks instead of giving them tax breaks and deregulation, they’ll always be uninspiring Republican-lite centrists. This isn’t just bad news for the party, but for the economy. The disparity between the rich and poor is worse now than during the Gilded Age. Until the middle class has enough change in its pockets to start buying stupid shit, like houses and cars, the economy will be stagnant, or worse.

Next Week: 27 Cent Book Bin