Parental Devices

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To all of my friends with kids who read this, I’m not talking about you. You all use Facebook correctly. Distant cousins, however, have been sent to the “hide all posts” gulag.

And speaking of Chris Elliott, you should be watching Eagleheart. It’s as if the 20 years since Get A Life was canceled never happened, and I am a preteen again, instead of a shitty old man.

Next Week: The Last Middle Class American

2 thoughts on “Parental Devices”

  1. Great Strip, I think your steam punk breast pump is my wife’s worst nightmare. She already describes the mainstream version as a torture device. Also, good job on getting the strip out despite it being the day after St. Patrick’s Day.

  2. Thanks, Jon! I draw these in advance, so there’s a built-in hangover buffer. (Although I spent this St. Paddy’s watching my stories on TV and nursing two beers, so it didn’t matter. I am old.)

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