I Fixed It!

This turd’s been popping up in my Google Reader for a couple days now, and while I’m happy they’re wasting their money to put it in front of my abortion-lovin’ eyeballs, it’s annoying.

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  1. Whenever this point is brought up, (shift pro-life argument from abortion to war), I can’t help but think the person doing it is afraid of tackling the actual abortion debate. Instead of exploring what constitutes a life, or what power a woman has over that life, the person, in this case, you, simply remarks, “the military also kills people.” Of course, the military is often not part of the original discussion, and mostly just serves to swing the topic from one the person is uncomfortable with (value of human fetus) to one they are comfortable with (anti-war). I understand the sincerity issue, (how can they be pro-life if they’re for the war), but this ad makes no mention of the war, at all.

    Surely this is not the rational discussion so heralded by liberals.

  2. It’s no so much shifting the argument as pointing out that government funds go toward things which large groups of people find morally unconscionable, and pressing for ridiculously over the top simple blanket solutions which just cause more problems. Defunding the military entirely would, of course, be a bad idea. Most liberals are against illegal, unwarranted wars and needless overblown military spending, not the concept of a volunteer army itself. We need one, which is a sad fact, just like women need the option of safe, legal abortions. If you hate them so much, how about trying to make sure no federal funds go to ABORTIONS at Planned Parenthood instead of robbing women of access to contraceptives (which reduce unwanted pregnancies to begin with) STD testing/treatment, and life-saving cancer screenings? Those things make up 97% of what Panned Parenthood does. They can and do easily raise money for abortions without the government’s help. Taking tax dollars away won’t stop abortions, it will just make it more difficult for women to stay healthy.

  3. Please excuse the rant in advance, we just finished a unit on gynecologic pathology.

    according to PP’s 2009 annual report a full 35% of the services they provided were for contraception. I defy you to find another non-governmental organization that prevents as many abortions as Planned Parenthood.

    34% of the services they provided were for STI/STD prevention, counseling and treatment. I’ll save you a couple grand on the first 37% of medical school- you don’t have to be an Embryologist to understand that preventing/treating/curing STI’s not only prevents maternal morbidity and mortality, but fetal mortality as well, which results in a direct and indirect reduction in numbers of abortions performed.

    17% of the services from 2009 were related to cancer screening. Did you know that the Pap Smear is the most successful cancer screening method ever invented? Not only does it detect precancerous lesions long before they have a chance to spread, but the early detection allows for safe and easy (sorry ladies, I know a D & C isn’t easy, I mean “relative to chemotherapy and radiation”) Since it was introduced in 1941 Cervical Cancer has gone from the #2 cause of cancer death in women to #8. Aren’t these procedures available at other health facilities that don’t also provide abortions? Yes, and I wish that all women had access to those places, but PP is one of very few places that offer low cost women’s health services to the uninsured. Let’s talk health care reform sometime.

    10%- “other women’s health services” – Your guess is as good as mine.

    3%- Abortion services

    I respect people’s pro-life viewpoints on a case by case basis, but to get there I need to know where you draw the line on when it is ok for a woman to have an abortion and when it isn’t. I’m not wild about abortion myself, but I’m squarely in the “Abortion should be safe, inexpensive, readily available and incredibly rare because we do such a good job with contraception” camp.

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