Palin’s Boston History

Famous stupid person Sarah Palin said a dumb thing about Paul Revere’s ride.

Evacuation Day is a real thing here in Boston, and it celebrates when the British left Boston, ending an eleven month siege. Obviously it’s more obscure than Paul Revere, and even those of normal intelligence wouldn’t know about it, but I’ll never let the facts get in the way of a good poop joke, for LIBERTY!

9 thoughts on “Palin’s Boston History”

  1. I don’t think Teh Palin is all that constrained by facts either.

    It’s like she saw Bachmann’s Concord blunder and thought, “Oh no, bitch, that’s my game!”

  2. Evacuation Day was even funnier when the renamed the Boston Garden as “The Fleet Center”. Dumb move, but never as dumb as Our Sarah — time cannot wither nor custom stale her Infinite Stupid.

  3. Kevin – I forgot all about Bachmann’s goofabout! That’s like getting cities in Oregon and Washington mixed up.

    DMajor – When they tore down the old Garden, I didn’t really care what they called the new thing. But I remember seeing the half demolished building from the artery and having a sad.

    Chris – I’m not claiming to have known that, but Palin definitely wouldn’t. Also, in what years did King Winnie the Pooh reign?

  4. You mean you don’t know, Brian? Next you’ll be telling us you never heard of Shakespeare’s “Piglet”

  5. I thought Evacuation Day was an excuse for public employees to day drink on St. Patrick’s Day.

  6. Blake – Is that the one where Harry Potter fucks the sad donkey?

    Katie – There are many reasons for the season, and that is probably the biggest one. It wasn’t an official holiday until around 1900 or so.

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