Schedule Rejiggering

Rather than try to crank out three cartoons this week, I’m going to post the new BFW on Friday and give myself a bit of breathing room. Several freelance jobs need my attention, and I have one last move up a flight of stairs that’s probably going to keep me occupied most of Monday.

I’ll post something funny here tomorrow though, even if it’s just a drunken napkin-doodle from pub trivia tonight.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van…And My Heart

Not since Wonder Showzen has a TV program made me laugh out of my laugh-hole.

Louie is the best thing going, as far as art and comedy go, but JBHV is the feverish, joke-a-second-handjob comedy nerds crave.

I’m posting this since the next BFW is gonna be late, again, and wanted to direct you to some laughs. The new cartoon should be up sometime over the weekend.

Hipster Fart Jokes

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The title says it all. My hipster-hatin’ is not as strong as it used to be, but they’re still fun to mock. However, since I was called a hipster by the New York Observer, maybe I am one and don’t even know it. As an experiment, I stuck myself in one of the panels to see how out of place I’d be, and uh, it’s a pretty good fit.

If you missed it over the weekend, here’s the link to my most recent NYT cartoon, which unfortunately has no farts in it.

Next: Healthy Home Tips

Own Your Own Content Farm

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Today’s Sunday Review cartoon is about content farms. I’ve always thought they were garbage, but didn’t know how awful working conditions are for the “creators” until I read this article.

I’m almost recovered from moving, so hopefully things will get back on track this week. If you’re placing bets on a fight between me and queen-sized mattress, bet on the mattress.

Convergent Thinking Out of My Ass

So for yesterday’s Sunday Review cartoon, I set my sights on centrist pundits like Tom Friedman and his ilk, using a superhero trope. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that this was painfully similar to Tom Tomorrow’s take on our Centrist-in-Chief, until people mentioned it. It’s even a recurring bit of Tom’s, so the similarity should have been obvious to me from the earliest stages of writing. I guess I was blinded by my excitement at drawing Friedman in his underpants.

My sincere apologies, Mr. Tomorrow!

Ask a Carny III

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Does it count as a recurring bit if I only revisit it once every three years? Either way, here’s 2008’s version. The first one was lost in the Great Shitty-Comics-That-Embarrass-Me purge when I redesigned the website in 2008.

Headed to the Brockton Fair this coming weekend to watch some cars smash into each other and look at gross things in jars, possibly while drinking shitty beer from a plastic cup and dropping my R‘s. I may bring a camera and file a report from the front lines of my hometown for you dearly neglected Big Fat Blog readers, so check back for that, and hopefully Friday’s cartoon will be on time and already up by then.

Next Week: Courting the Youth Vote