5 thoughts on “Cheap Places for Rent”

  1. Lofting your mini-golf windmill/studio apartment’s bed in the summer might be a good strategy to avoid being kept awake by golfballs at night, but it’ll really increase your cooling costs.

  2. Gabe – But it’s a WINDmill. It can be modified to produce a nice breeze.

    Warren – It’s a fact that Tea Partier colons are so impacted with ground beef and bloomin’ onions, none of them have pooped in years. That’s why they’re so angry.

  3. Jail isn’t actually that cheap. There’s restituion payments to crime victims and fees to reimburse the state for costs of prosecution, and the commissaries charge ridiculous amounts for cheap shit, like ramen costs a buck a package. So if you want more than 900 calories a day, it gets a little expensive, especially since you get paid, at most 25 cents an hour for picking up garbage and other types pf crap like that. And that’s in a relatively humane northern state. If you find yourself in jail in the south, you are totally fucked. Time to put on the comical strpey prisoner suit and go pick oranges! Hope you like baing sprayed with Roundup Herbicide! And even though there’s some humoristic idea about going to jail for the “free” health care, the actual standard jails are held to is that, as long as the treatment given to prisoners does not amount to cruel and unusual punishment, they can provide whatever shitty health care they feel like.

    Not to piss all over your joke or anything.

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