I’d Rather Poo in Public Than Brag, But…

Steven Heller over at Imprint said some nice things about me, and in the interest of making sure work keeps coming my way, I had to share.

Now, “The Strip” by Brian McFadden, which was moved from the back page to the more prominent page 3, is the first thing I jump into on Sundays. And it is well worth it. His wit is dry, smart and on topic for the times.

I’d much rather share hatemail, but the Times doesn’t link to this site, so I haven’t gotten any yet. I imagine the haters Google my name, and as a result, this douche is catching all my flack.

5 thoughts on “I’d Rather Poo in Public Than Brag, But…”

  1. “his primitive style has grown on me.”

    Shows what I know about drawing, I thought you were quite detailed! I mean, who else has tackled Murdoch *AND* McCain’s jowls with such gusto.

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