Class-War Action Toys

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Any time the prospect of raising taxes on the wealthiest by a measly few percentage points comes up, they start screaming “Class Warfare!” But you never hear the phrase as labor is decimated by stagnant wages, productivity squeezes, and a whole host of other unpleasantness that the middle class and poor have been put through.

Obama’s speech last week was all well and good, but he only talks that way when he’s campaigning. Fool me once…

Also, check out Matt’s comic about the “class war” nonsense.

The Anti-Vax Vaccine

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Michele Bachmann came out against the HPV vaccine a couple debates ago. Now, you can argue about the vaccination schedule and the pharmaceutical industry’s corrupting influence on politics, but to be flat-out against vaccines is to be ignorant of history. My parents’ generation had to deal with polio, and the generation before that had to deal with all sorts of nasty shit that we no longer see in the western world thanks to vaccines. But if you like puss-filled bumps, and infant mortality, by all means, move to a remote island and live your vaccine-free dream.

Fall Trends Forecast

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Not sure what happened to summer, but now it’s fall. Maybe not according to the calendar, but if you could see me typing this in pajama pants, slippers, and a sweatshirt, you be convinced it was mid-October. Plus, I’m sitting on a pumpkin.

There’s no specific current event that led to this cartoon, just the ever-increasing income inequality gap and the ridiculous hobbies and interests of the idle rich.

Unlikely Moments in Beervertising

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Since football season started, I’ve been seeing tons of stupid and misogynistic beer commercials. I know the craft beers I love don’t have the budget to advertise on TV, and their demographic watches plenty of other stuff in cheaper ad slots, but these commercials are painting an ugly stereotype of my fellow enlightened beer-drinking Americans.

And speaking of misogynistic beer, Kevin Moore brought this patronizing monstrosity to my attention.

Unpleasant Anniversary Activity Page

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There was an anniversary yesterday. And since I do an editorial cartoon every Sunday in the NYTimes, I felt obligated to address it. Obviously the attacks were horrible, and there was nothing funny about that day. Plus I don’t really have a unique opinion about what happened. (We all agree: It was bad.) The aftermath, however, is what has informed all of my political work ever since. America has been freaking-out for a decade now, with no end in sight. Reacting emotionally, rather than rationally, has become the norm, and politicians are rewarded for pandering to the electorate’s basest urges.

There is plenty of room to both mourn and honor those who were murdered, and have a healthy debate about our national reaction. Which in my opinion, has been super-fucked-up.

Economic Stimulus Proposals

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The economy is still a shit-sandwich that we’re all eating. Except for the super-rich. Those fuckers are doing fine.

Next Sunday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so I’ll be doing something about that, if you were wondering when I’d be taking a break from hammering away at the economy.

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