The Anti-Vax Vaccine

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Michele Bachmann came out against the HPV vaccine a couple debates ago. Now, you can argue about the vaccination schedule and the pharmaceutical industry’s corrupting influence on politics, but to be flat-out against vaccines is to be ignorant of history. My parents’ generation had to deal with polio, and the generation before that had to deal with all sorts of nasty shit that we no longer see in the western world thanks to vaccines. But if you like puss-filled bumps, and infant mortality, by all means, move to a remote island and live your vaccine-free dream.

5 thoughts on “The Anti-Vax Vaccine”

  1. Being against vaccines is exactly like being against unions, infrastructure, social security, medicare, and public education – for precisely the same reasons.

    Each was a specific and very effective answer to a social problem, and each was so successful that it’s impossible for many people to realize just how bad life was before they came along.

  2. Great comic this week. Without a doubt, I’d rather get a little pinch on the arm as opposed to some awesome cough.

    Very few people are against the government programs Warren listed. The concern voiced over spending is that our debt will become so high in the near future that those programs and many others will be at jeopardy. This situation was caused by a majority of politicians (Dems and Reps). So how do we deal with the issue?

  3. A few years ago, when my wife was preggo with Child #1, some friend of ours recommended that we take a childbirth class from some dumb fucking hippy, an advocate of All Things Natural, including apparently opposing vaccinations as being Agianst Nature. Since we were new at the whole thing, we signed up, only to have the class cancelled, because the hippy and her kids all had fucking Whooping Cough. So I guess lucky for us that she at least cancelled the class before whooping her infection all over our god damned fetus.

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