Increasing Occupy’s Appeal

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This strip was inspired by a trip to a local dive bar where a chatty and inebriated construction worker was slagging Occupy Boston. Although he agreed with their grievances, he suggested they change things from the inside, by becoming CEOs, rather than making a mess of the city and traffic. His perception of the movement as a bunch of college-educated do-nothings is held by a lot of working class people, despite union support. I’m a fancy-pants elitist, so solutions to this inclusion problem aren’t exactly my strong suit.

Republican Presidential Debate-athon

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I subjected myself to last Tuesday’s debate, and thankfully came up with a cartoon idea for my troubles. It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying that Herman Cain is considered a serious front-runner. Whenever he speaks, he sounds like that kid in class who didn’t do the reading but was very good at bullshitting his way to a C+. (I don’t have facts to back that up.)

The song Romney’s singing is a parody of The Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner. Only Jonathan Richman can make me feel sentimental for Boston’s Route 128, and driving on that nasty ol’ clusterfuck of a beltway.

And due to the Occupy Boston events going on in Dewey Square, Richman should put out an updated version Lonely Financial Zone.

Occupy Poor Street

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I’ve been doing a lot of cartoons about income inequality, unemployment, class war, and all sorts of economic bullshit over the past few weeks. I was hoping to branch out and avoid the subject for a couple weeks to focus on pointless wars, GOP dumbassery, and maybe even some science stuff over the next month. But Occupy Wall Street and similar protests popped up and forced my hand, resulting in this cartoon.

I am familiar with Billionaires for Bush, from those glorious days in the mid 2000’s, when we thought ironic detachment could affect change. Turns out actual, sincere civic engagement is far more effective! Except when it comes to making jokes. Next to Jay Leno, sincerity is the number one comedy-killer in America.

I listened to the Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist approximately a bajillion times while drawing this cartoon, and this song inspired the fifth panel:

UPDATE: A famous person tweeted a link to this cartoon. This is the closest I’ve come to celebrity since that time I met John Tesh.

Bank of America’s Future Plans

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The big greedy babies at Bank of America got mad that bank reform ended one of their methods for taking people’s money, so they came up with another way to make up the difference and appease their shareholders. It’s a flat-out lie that they need that money to pay for debit cards.

Take your money to a credit union, or a nice mattress rather than letting these bastards walk all over you and your money.

Economy weekend continues on Sunday in the NYTimes with a cartoon about Occupy Wall Street.

My #OccupyBoston Field Trip

Since the Occupy Wall Street thing has gained some traction, similar events have popped up across the country, including Boston. The Boston one started on Friday, and has been growing all weekend. I had nothing going on yesterday, so I put on some pants and checked it out.

The site’s in Dewey Square, on the Greenway, right across the street from Boston’s Federal Reserve. And unlike what I’ve seen and read about what’s going on in NYC, the police presence is minimal.

Most folks who weren’t in meetings or painting signs were standing across from South Station along Atlantic Ave., holding signs and sloganeering to passing traffic. The most enthusiastic honks came from taxis and truckers, and this spot is also where essential supplies such as pizza and coffee are dropped off.

I forgot to count all the tents, but I was glad to see that most people who are in it for the long-haul used proper camping techniques and utilized ground cloths and tarps. It’s been pretty rainy and miserable here, so pallets and cardboard are serving as make-shift walkways to keep things from getting too gross. There was one Ron Paul-themed tent, and it was kind of adorable, until you really think about the entirety of Ron Paul’s platform.

Don’t let the sloppy rigging of the media tent fool you; things are organized on the inside. It actually kinda looked like a Best Buy with all the monitors and computing power going on in there. I guess I’m technically a member of the media and could’ve gone in, but the Greenway has free wifi, and I don’t like talking to strangers outside of bar-type situations, so I pretty much kept to myself, except saying “no” to the dude who asked me if I had any rolling papers. Sorry, Tommy Chong!

For everyone saying the #Occupy protests have no agenda or demands; I found three signs in one spot that sum up the whole thing pretty succinctly. I’ve been saying similar things for years, so it’s sincerely heartening to see a bonafide movement coalesce around the same issues. I’ll keep visiting for as long as it’s going on, and maybe I’ll actually talk to some people next time.

You’re Invited to the Afghanistan War’s 10th Birthday!

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When the Afghanistan War began, I was a 22-year-old kid. That war’s still going on and I’m now a 32-year-old crank. It is the longest war this country has been involved in, and since it’s a war of revenge, not self-defense, there is no real way to declare victory until a majority of the American people finally say, “Yeah, we killed a buncha them. That’ll do.”