Occupy Poor Street

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I’ve been doing a lot of cartoons about income inequality, unemployment, class war, and all sorts of economic bullshit over the past few weeks. I was hoping to branch out and avoid the subject for a couple weeks to focus on pointless wars, GOP dumbassery, and maybe even some science stuff over the next month. But Occupy Wall Street and similar protests popped up and forced my hand, resulting in this cartoon.

I am familiar with Billionaires for Bush, from those glorious days in the mid 2000’s, when we thought ironic detachment could affect change. Turns out actual, sincere civic engagement is far more effective! Except when it comes to making jokes. Next to Jay Leno, sincerity is the number one comedy-killer in America.

I listened to the Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist approximately a bajillion times while drawing this cartoon, and this song inspired the fifth panel:

UPDATE: A famous person tweeted a link to this cartoon. This is the closest I’ve come to celebrity since that time I met John Tesh.