Economic Executive Orders

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This was supposed to be Friday’s cartoon, but I had to put BFW on the back burner while I took care of that other comic that pays money. There will be another BFW posted on this coming Friday, or maybe Saturday morning depending on how things go. Either way, you’re getting what you pay for.

Since no piece of Obama’s jobs bill has any hope of getting through Congress, he’s been dabbling around the edges with executive orders. Pretty small stuff that will have no effect on the 9% unemployment that’s become totally acceptable to everyone who’s not hanging out in Occupy encampments.

7 thoughts on “Economic Executive Orders”

  1. With O on one side and, probably, Romney on ther “other” side, this is going to be the best election yet to not vote in.

  2. Warren – Of course not, although there have to be at least a few big money folks who realize endless recession isn’t great for business either.

    Grampa – Who knew apathy would one day become an old man’s game?

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