Black Friday Bargains

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If you’re shopping on Friday, and it’s not online, but in an actual store, you are a moron. I’ll let my friend August elaborate. If we all practice tantric consuming, and hold onto what little wads we have left in our wallets for as long as possible before bukkake-ing businesses with our hard-earned-dollar-jizz, retailers will really freak out and start offering even better deals. And those fuckers can afford it. Corporations are sitting on billions; it’s our lack of jobs, income, and aggregate demand that’s holding things back.

I’ve owned a Pet Zune for a year now, (It bricked last fall.) and I must really like the Zune software because I now own a Windows Phone. I really do like that phone though. Please refer to this paragraph whenever someone refers to me as a hipster.

I’m probably dating myself with the Nell reference, but it’s one I still frequently use in real life. If you haven’t seen this batshit insane film, I implore you to do so immediately.

Tay ina win, Jodie, Tay ina win.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday Bargains”

  1. Blake – And Boing Boing can do something about a steampunk kinetoscope filter.

    Amanda – You guessed correctly! I stick myself in the cartoons fairly often. Although I am better at conditioning my face-scalp in real life.

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