Lifestyles of the Stealthily Wealthy

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I read this article about rich people’s tricked out cargo vans in New York City the week before and got inspired for this cartoon. Although not as gaudy as a stretch Hummer, these vans are ridiculous. They can’t even find parking in the city, so the chauffeurs just drive them around until their owners need them.

I can’t for the life of me find any video online, but it’s all very reminiscent of the Chameleon XLE ad from SNL.

2 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Stealthily Wealthy”

  1. First they make 4×4’s into “SUV’s” and now it’s “luxury” vans. My brother, home from the Navy in the 70’s, decided that he shouldn’t own any more than what he could carry in whatever vehicle he was driving at the time. (You can see where this is headed.) The Chevelle gave way to an LTD, which gave way to an old Econoline, which gave way to a pickup with a topper, which ultimately gave way to my brother giving up his half-assed Dharma Bummery.

    The Econoline was sweet, though. It had an 8-track and an old mattress in back. And a big pile of classic head comix such as the Freak Brothers and Dopin’ Dan. You can’t buy that kind of sweetness. Not for money, anyway.

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