Occupy Action Items

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The encampments were/are important symbols, but the underlying message of the fucked-upedness of our financial system that they helped bring to to the forefront of national debate can be kept alive by other means that don’t result in a riot-cop’s boot stomping your face. Of course the suggestions in this cartoon are mostly tongue-in-cheek, but there are more sincere and practical analogs to most of the jokes in here.

One that I especially approve of is a debt strike, the real-life version of putting a negative number on your checks. Banks and corporations have been sitting on cash, refusing to lend and spend in what’s essentially a capital strike. It’s especially bad for the banks, since the money they’re not handing out, (All $8 Trillion or so.) was given to them by the Fed for free. Companies have reasons more than simple greed to hang on to that cash, since there’s no demand for anything they make in our broke country. Except for shitty vampire movies, apparently.

Anyway, the real point of this cartoon is to get you to help Save Community, and maybe, if you have some time after that, fight economic injustice.

4 thoughts on “Occupy Action Items”

  1. “Fight economic justice” or “for economic justice?”

    Like the idea of writing the 99% in odd places. It could become the “Kilroy was here” of the 21st century

  2. This is your best one of the year. I’m especially intrigued with negative numbers on checks, and would suggest extending the concept to imaginary numbers* as well, e.g.: I owe you 30 i-squared dollars — or is it you who owes me? Also, stupid kittens playing guitars makes me laugh every time. Bueno!

    *look it up, that’s what Wikipedia was invented for

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