The Visible Apps of the Free Market

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I’m not against Amazon’s “Price Check” app itself, just the ridiculously dickish promotion to get customers to spy on their brick and mortar competition. I couldn’t find a funny way to work in their uncompetitive tax-dodging ways, but those stink too.

Thankfully “Adopt-A-Pup” doesn’t exist yet, and it doesn’t need to. All the cutest puppies, kittens, bunnies, and every other animal that needs a forever home can be found at Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, APCSM. And if for some reason you can’t adopt a pet now, or live in some part of the world that’s not southeastern Mass, you can always donate some cash, and since they’re a non-profit, it’s a charitable deduction, and you can dodge your own taxes in a totally ethical way!