The Working Poor Electronics Show

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The Consumer Electronics Show was last week, and in between fluff pieces about ultralight laptops, cars connected to the cloud for no discernible reason, and dozens of other gizmos, a few stories about worker conditions at Foxconn trickled through. If you haven’t heard it already, the This American Life episode about it is probably the best overview, although the focus on Apple glosses over the fact that pretty much every electronics company uses parts made by the same company.

The bad press might have been enough to spur Apple to do more, since they announced they’ll be more open about their supply chain over the weekend. It’s obviously not a cure-all, but at least people are starting to become aware what the invisible hand of the free market has been up to in China.

The asshole in the rotary phone panel is Robert Rector, who wrote this charming bit of stupid last year. In addition to being an asshole, he has the worst mustache in the world.

UPDATE: I merely gave it a fleeting mention in the comic, but The Daily Show’s Foxconn segment on Monday was perfect.

3 thoughts on “The Working Poor Electronics Show”

  1. 1978 Dodge Dart!

    Also, sorry about my trollish comment about Judith Miller. I just hate her so much.

  2. @paragwinn – Thanks!

    @PRG – No worries. ‘Twas gentler than the ribbing I gave ol’ Mouthpiece McBowlcut.

    And I must confess to knowing nothing about cars, having Googled “old 70’s car,” for reference, but based on comments on this cartoon, the Dart was a welcome detail.

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