Horse-Race Journalism Playbook

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We are now in the phase of the 2012 campaign where it’s all about polls and optics. Maybe some issues will bubble up, but mostly in the form of “what should Candidate X say about Issue Y to increase his standings in the polls?” We get the media we deserve, and apparently this shit generates more pageviews than coverage of the epic downer that is real news.

3 thoughts on “Horse-Race Journalism Playbook”

  1. Several times a week now I turn off NPR in the morning because of all the @0dd^mn election hor5e5#1t. You know it’s bad when even Steve Inskeep is stuck talking about it.

  2. I do the same throughout the day, to prevent going into a fit, but I keep turning it back on. And people think I have an easy job.

    You read this blog, right? You can totally swear your heart out.

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