The Many Uses of Police Drones

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I’m loathe to admit it, but I got the idea for this cartoon after reading something in HuffPo. Ubiquitous CCTVs are bad enough, but giving them the gift of flight is something not even Orwell imagined. Almost as ubiquitous as the drones are excellent cartoons about them. Check out Tom Tomorrow’s and Mark Fiore’s takes on those eyes in our domestic skies.

As for CISPA, it’s worse than SOPA/PIPA, but I guess we all got internet-privacy-fatigue and stopped caring. But if you still do, help stop it.

And a bit of housekeeping, Big Fat Whale returns from hiatus next week. I have some other projects that converged into a deadline singularity last week, and since BFW pays shit, I decided to have outdoor fun over the holiday weekend rather than catching up on work. It was awesome. I hope your weekends were just as swell and lazy.

New Bank Reforms/How They Lost $2 Billion

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Since both cartoons this weekend were about JPMorgan’s huge loss, I figured I’d lump ’em into one post. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is also on the board of the NY Fed. I’m sure he is super-great at oversight besides this little $3+ billion whoopsie-daisy. He’s against even the lukewarm reforms that were included in Dodd-Frank following the 2008 economic collapse.

And speaking of Dodd-Frank, it really is only half-written. Two years after it passed. Check out the page for the House Financial Services Committee and get a load of these regulation-hatin’ morons bitching about the rules they’re supposed to be writing.

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And as I noted in the tag at the bottom of the comic, that loss increased by at least another billion in the week since I drew this cartoon.

Life Imitates “Art”

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A couple months ago, I included this panel in a cartoon featuring advice for Romney, who was floundering in the polls to human-turdburger Rick Santorum. This caused James Lipton to lose sleep and productivity as he thought about the imaginary job I conscripted him for. (Sorry, Mr. Lipton!) He took the job seriously, and produced this hilarious video and an accompanying article. Check it out.

This is the closest I’ll ever come to interacting with someone involved with the greatest sitcom ever, Arrested Development.

Marriage Equality Horror Stories

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In addition to Obama’s (belated) endorsement, same-sex marriage turns eight in Massachusetts this week. And as far as I know, straight marriages and the world haven’t ended in my fair commonwealth as a result. Sure, North Carolina’s  a setback, but did we really think parts of the South are just eight years behind us northern coastal elitists?

Austerity Fever

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Europe’s dumb austerity experiment seems to finally be coming to a close. It’s the exact opposite of what should be done in a massive recession, but fat chance seeing the Keynesian spending necessary to pull the global economy out of this gigantic hole. We’ll most likely see a return to the pre-recession status quo and an anemic recovery that lasts for the next decade. Fun!